Our planet faces huge challenges because of the growing population and increasing competition for scarce resources, and we believe that insects are part of the solution Antoine Hubert - IPIFF President 


About Us

The International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2015. Bringing together member-firms operating in the insect value chain, IPIFF represents its members' interests both towards (institutional) stakeholders and the wider public. IPIFF has members from eight European and various other countries around the world.

Thanks to their sustainable and nutritional properties insects provide an excellent source of proteins for both human consumption and animal feed. To help the insect industry prosper in Europe and around the world, IPIFF centres its activities around three main pillars:


1. Disseminate knowledge and information about the insect sector to stakeholders and the wider public

IPIFF is closely in touch with media and key stakeholders in order to inform them about the current state of the art in the insect industry. The insect sector is a highly developed industry which employs the latest technology in processing methods in order to maximize hygiene and resource-efficient production. In this context we organise twice a year a stakeholder event where we invite key players from the insect sector and beyond.

2. Encourage collaboration amongst our members, developing shared standards and collaborative R&D.

IPIFF is at its foundation a knowledge sharing platform. By creating a network of insect producing companies and other relevant operators along the insect value chain, we contribute to the sharing of valuable insights and help to move forward the sector as a whole. We are also in touch with various research and academic institutes and are monitoring potential funding opportunities.

3.  Advocate for appropriate legislative frameworks on the use of insects in food and feed.

Food - IPIFF is active in the context of the recently revised Novel Food Regulation. We guide our members on how to best implement this legislation, including advices on how to prepare Novel Food application dossiers.

Feed - IPIFF is asking for the revision of TSE and animal by-products Regulations in order to allow insect products to be used as source of proteins in animal feed.