Why did we joined forces to create IPIFF? To speak to the EU institutions and partners from the food and feed chain with one voice. As a pivotal actor in this process, we strive to make insect protein available to EU farmers, companies and consumers. Heinrich Katz - IPIFF Treasurer  


Become an insider and join IPIFF today

IPIFF is the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed and was funded in 2015. Our mission is to helps the insect industry prosper by promoting insects as a source of nutrients for both human consumption and animal feed.

Our membership is composed of 42 members in 14 different countries. Members of IPIFF are involved in research & development, manufacturing and commercialisation of insects products. IPIFF also welcomes associate members such as universities, research institutes and other actors along the food supply-chain. 

Benefits of IPIFF membership

Members have the opportunity to influence EU legislation impacting the insect sector by playing active role in advocacy activities, working groups, communications initiatives and IPIFF policy development alongside events and networking opportunities.

IPIFF has two main types of memberships:

  • Ordinary members  (for European insect producing companies)
    Ordinary members vote on the overall strategy & political positions of the association, its advocacy activities, the content of communication instruments and the formats of IPIFF stakeholder events. Through IPIFF, they gain direct access to policy
    makers and other actors relevant to the insect sector. The yearly membership fee is 7,500 EUR.

  • Associated members (e.g. European & for non-European insect producing companies, research institutes/ universities, companies from other sectors, associations representing insect producers)
    Associated members are regularly informed about the activities performed by the association as well as relevant developments (e.g. legislation, research projects, scientific publications, etc) for the insect producing sector. The membership fee depends on the type of actor considered and/or on the company size (e.g for insect producing companies, the yearly membership is of 1.500 EUR).


We lead an innovative and dynamic industry, helping our members find continuing success and opportunities!
To apply for membership and/or to receive the membership pack, please contact:
IPIFF Secretariat
tel: +32 (0)2 743 29 97
mobile: +32 (0)4 86 44 94 76
E-mail: christophe.derrien@ipiff.org