Smarter rules for safer food and plant health


13th December 2019

The new Official Controls Regulation (OCR), which brings together disperse rules into a single Regulation, will offer more targeted, risk-based controls along the agri-food chain.

With its broader scope and new IT based tools, it provides for a modernised, integrated and efficient system to intercept risks related to public health, plant health, animal health and welfare.

With a few exceptions, the new Regulation (and a significant number of Delegated and Implementing acts) will become applicable on 14 December 2019.

On the same date, the new Regulation on protective measures against pests of plants will also become applicable.

These acts represent major elements of the overall legal framework contributing to the protection of public, animal and plant health in the EU.

The new legislation will also make enforcement more efficient by the introduction of a new computerised system (IMSOC), which integrates existing computerised systems, including the RASFF system which this year celebrates 40 years of existence.

To present these new rules and celebrate 40 years of RASFF, the Commission is organising, with the support of the Finnish Presidency, the conference “Smarter rules for safer food and plant health” on 13 December 2019 in Brussels.

The conference will also be a good occasion to share best practices, increase the level of awareness and preparedness among EU countries, interested parties and trading partners.

Speakers include members of the European Commission and the Finnish Presidency, government experts, relevant stakeholders and scientists.

Please note: there will be no on-site registration. We therefore encourage you to register online’.

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