The Executive Committee

The IPIFF Executive Committee is the managing body of the association. It deals with issues of general policy, strategy and governance. In conformity with the IPIFF statutes, the Executive Committee proposes strategic orientations & policy actions for endorsement by the IPIFF General Assembly (i.e. composed of the IPIFF Ordinary Members). Finally, the Executive Committee is entitled to represent the association towards external interlocutors.

The members of the Executive Committee are appointed for a duration of 3 years.


IPIFF’s President – Antoine Hubert (Ynsect – France)

Antoine Hubert is Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Ynsect, a French based company operating in the farming and processing of insects for animal feed and pet food markets. Ynsect was one of the IPIFF Founding Members back in 2012. Antoine holds the position of IPIFF President since April 2015: he chairs the General Assembly and ensures association representation towards relevant EU stakeholders such as the European Commission and professional associations.


IPIFF’s Vice President – Adriana Casillas (MealFood Europe – Spain)

Adriana Casillas is the co-founder and CEO of MealFood Europe, a Spanish company rolled on the production and processing insects for food, feed, pet food and also industry applications. MealFood Europe is the first large industrial scale insect company in Spain. She is managing the company since 2014, and she has and MBA specialised in AgriFood Industry. Adriana Casillas acts as Vice-President of IPIFF since 2018, being a member of IPIFF since 2016.


IPIFF’s Treasurer – Heinrich Katz (Hermetia – Germany)

Heinrich Katz is Managing Director and main shareholder of Hermetia Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, a German based company rearing Black Soldier Fly for animal feed and pet food markets mainly. Hermetia is also involved in R&D activities in the field of insect rearing and the production of derived products. Hermetia was one of the IPIFF Founding Members. Within the association, Heinrich holds the position of Treasurer since April 2015. He is also President of Katz Biotech AG, a German stock based company rearing insects and mites for biological pest control and ecotoxicological tests.


Executive Committee member – Tarique Arsiwalla (Protix – the Netherlands)

Tarique Arsiwalla is the co-founder of Protix, a Dutch company commercially producing insects and products derived thereof for a variety of industry applications, including feed, food and non-food. Protix also played a leading role in the original creation of the IPIFF association back in 2012. Notably Tarique was actively involved in interactions with the European Commission, EFSA and other relevant stakeholders to jointly develop the IPIFF roadmap. He is a regular guest lecturer at Wageningen University and a steering group member in various insect-related research consortia.


Executive Committee member – Jonathan Koppert (Koppert – the Netherlands)

Jonathan Koppert is Business Development manager at Koppert Biological Systems, a Dutch company active in biological integrated pest management solutions in agriculture. He is also Managing Director of BESTICO a spin off company of Koppert operating in the farming and processing of insects for feed and pet food markets. Koppert was one of the IPIFF Founding Members. Jonathan is also Board Member of the Dutch Insect Farming Association VENIK.


Executive Committee member – Lars-Henrik Lau Heckmann (Danish Technological Institute -Denmark)

Lars-Henrik Lau Heckmann is Technology manager and leader of the insect production group at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), a private self-owned not-for-profit international research and technology organisation providing services and expertise in a wide range of business areas. Lars has extensive R&D experience and a strong academic background in biology. Since 2014, he has been the main driver of building an innovation chain at DTI focusing on insects as food and feed. Moreover, Lars was a member, and lately Chair, of the IPIFF Novel Food Task Force.


Executive Committee member – Bastien Rabastens (Jimini’s – France)

Bastien was about to qualify as a lawyer when he got interested in insects and became an entrepreneur by creating Jimini’s with Clement Scellier in 2012. Jimini’s  is  a  French  startup  specialized  in  the  development  and  distribution  of  edible  insect  products.  Jimini’s  challenge  is  to  introduce  insects  into  European  plates and is now present on the shelf in 9 european country.
Bastien was previously the Vice President of the novel food task force of the IPIFF and has given two TEDX Talks on the benefits of eating insects.

Executive Committee member – Raphaël Smia (NextAlim-France)

Raphaël is General Manager and co-founder of NextAlim, one of the very first French firm specialized in Black Soldier Fly rearing. Its main goal is to recover utility from low-value by-products by raising insects and commercialising extracted proteins and lipids for feed and green chemistry, and frass for agriculture. Raphaël is driven by sustainability issues and holds the position of Circular Economy Representative within the IPIFF executive committee.