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Agronutris is a French biotech company dedicated to the development of the insect rearing industry as an answer to the feed challenges of tomorrow. Agronutris’ mission is to use insect bioconversion to feed and preserve the world.

Insects are able to turn by-products from the agro industry into valuable ingredients for the feed market, contributing in that way to the development of a circular economy. Engaged in a human-centered adventure, Agronutris develops a fair and sustainable agri-food industry. Its team, made up of experts in entomology and specialists in the agro business industry, is strongly engaged in order to provide high quality products for the aquaculture and pet food markets.

Website: www.agronutris.com

Alia Insect Farm

Alia insect Farm rears and processes edible crickets. The core product is a very fine cricket flour 100% made in Italy. Located in Milan countryside, in a strategic position close to the 3 main airports in Lombardy. A multidisciplinary team is studying the best feed for ALIA crickets, to be cultivated by Alia in the same place where the farm is located, according to its strategy of highest quality control across the entire food production chain.

Website: www.aliainsectfarm.it

BEF Biosystems

BEF Biosystems is an Italian company founded in 2016, operating in the insect rearing industry. In the past years, BEF has developed an innovative project that brought to a proprietary technology to breed Black Soldier Fly larvae. The system is based on small scale modular plants named Bugsfarm, that uses organic residues located locally to generate nutritional substrates for BSF larvae. Once grown, these can be transformed in protein and fat source for animal feed and other high value by products such as chitin. At the same time, the use of renewable energy sources makes the whole system a fully sustainable circular economy model, that supports social and economic development.

Website: www.bef.bio


Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Divaks is a fast-growing food-tech company developing high-quality insect-derived ingredients for the food industry. Its fully automated, vertically integrated approach focuses on building a fully managed process from insect breeding to individually crafted products for human consumption. The company’s goal is sustainability and traceability in every step, with a commitment to only use environmentally friendly by-products from local agriculture and food industry.

Divaks’ range of insect-based ingredients encompasses high-quality proteins, such as insect protein powders, texturized proteins, insect protein concentrate, and lipids, commonly known as insect oil. Each ingredient boasts unique and specific nutritional, functional and sensory attributes that work well in many applications.

Website: www.divaks.com


Ecofly is the first Austrian-based producer of sustainable insect protein. Since 2017, Ecofly is working on scalable and efficient technologies for the production and processing of black soldier fly larvae. The key motivation of the company is the integration of an insect-based protein recycling system into European agriculture. Ecofly is committed to sustainable food production and therefore considers that mimicking natural nutrient cycles by using insect farming is a powerful instrument for future agriculture.

Website: www.ecofly.at


EntoGreen is a Portuguese company founded in 2014 with the objective to promote agri-food sector sustainability and to contribute to a better environment, essentially promoting a circular economy using natural tools. EntoGreen uses insects as a tool to convert agri-food vegetable by-products into high-value raw materials to be used as feed ingredients and soil nutrition.

Website: www.entogreen.org


Essento Food AG

Essento, the Swiss edible insect pioneer, develops, produces and markets insect-based food innovations under its own brand but also for partners. The company has a large range of products, from fresh/frozen burgers to Snacks and Protein/Energy bars. Essento is dedicated to manifest insects as an alternative protein source in the European diet.

Website: www.essento.ch



Website: www.farminsect.eu


Hermetia Baruth GmbH

Hermetia Baruth GmbH is a German producer of high value protein, fat and fertilizer derived from the Black Soldier Fly (BSF). The production facility is located south of Berlin. Company was founded 2006 and had the first significant BSF colony in Europe. The research driven company aims to improve process efficiency and product quality.

Website: www.hermetia.de


Iberinsect is a specialized company in the area of biotechnology. Its activity is based on the research of new processes and products with a strong innovation and sustainability component in the potential use of Tenebrio Molitor for feed and food. Always ensuring the highest quality and safety standards, we count on a qualified team and owned technology in order to look for healthy, nutritive, natural and respectful alternative protein.


Website: www.iberinsect.com

Illucens GmbH

Illucens breeds the larvae of the Hermetia Illucens fly industrially – creating a rich valuable protein source for humans and animals – economically sound and environmentally friendly.

Website: www.illucens.com


Innovafeed, a French biotechnology company, is a leading insect producer that has developed disruptive technologies and a unique production model harnessing the power of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) to valorize agricultural by-products and produce sustainable ingredients for animal and plant nutrition in a circular, zero-waste model.

Its core mission is to champion the development of sustainable food systems by meeting the rising demand for natural, nutritious, and cost-effective raw materials while ensuring the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity.

Today, Innovafeed operates the largest insect production capacity in the world, with two sites in operation, delivering consistent volumes at scale in France, and a third site under construction in the USA.

Website: innovafeed.com/en


INVERS is a French company which creates a complete and innovative sector, from producer to consumer, for the on-farm production of insect proteins for animal feed. These excellent quality proteins are produced and transformed locally into animal feed with a view to the sustainability of the sector, the territory and the environment.

Website: www.invers.fr

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JIMINI’S produces two types of products, whole ready to eat insects and energy bars made with cricket flour. The range of whole insects counts three kind of insects: Grasshoppers, Mealworms and Crickets. JIMINI’S insects are raised in specialized farms in the Netherlands, thus ensuring the best possible standards of traceability and quality control. Grasshoppers, Crickets and Mealworms are dehydrated and then delicately processed and seasoned in JIMINI’S workshop near Paris to bring you tastes like no other! They are ready-to-eat, crispy, tasty and ideal to open up a meal!

Website: www.jiminis.co.uk

M-food Ingredients

Website: www.m-foodingredients.com



MUTATEC is a French company specifically dedicated to agriculture and bioconversion by insects in order to produce sustainable feed to fish, pet food and poultry. MUTATEC has chosen Hermetia illucens, known as black soldier fly and developed a technical farming method which can be applied to large-scale projects.

Website: www.mutatec.com


Nasekomo, co-founded with nature, is a pioneering biotech company. We develop a franchise model that supports the creation of a global network of insect bioconversion factories, providing comprehensive turnkey technologies, advanced biology, and AI-driven data insights.

In collaboration with Groupe Grimaud, a leader in animal genetics, we have established Fly Genetics, a joint venture that creates highly efficient insect strains. Harnessing the exceptional capabilities of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF), our company operates on a circular model, setting a benchmark for sustainable practices across various industries.

Website: www.nasekomo.life

nextprotein logo


nextProtein has years of experience in breeding black soldier fly, which was selected especially for its beneficial, high-yield quality. Fly larvae are raised, harvested and then processed into valuable components of animal feed: an insect-based protein for aquaculture, livestock and pets, an extracted fat and a natural fertilizer for use in agriculture.

Website: www.nextprotein.co


Nomadic Farms is looking to revolutionise the protein industry through more renewable methods. Based out of Spain, we look to reutilise waste and turn it into a sustainable product. We began in late 2021 looking for solutions on how to make an impact. After discovering the importance of the protein industry, and the shortage we are soon to face, Nomadic Farms was born. Through studying and researching, we have found a way to make our model work. By reutilising waste, we are able to grow the Black Solider Fly (Hermetia Illucens) at a very high quality, turning waste into a valuable product for the benefit of humankind. 

Website: https://www.nomadicfarms.eu/


Nutri’Earth is a French company who develops a range of food ingredients from edible insects for the prevention of some pathologies. These ingredients are available as flour. The company implements sustainable and innovative rearing methods to optimise the nutritional value of the insects. Nutri’Earth raised funds in 2019 to scale up its capacity of production and its Research & Development activities.

Website: www.nutriearth.fr


Pronofa ASA is a Norwegian company that produces sustainable insect and marine nutrients. Pronofa upcycle organic waste into high quality protein using BSFL.

Website: www.pronofa.no


Protix produces, processes and supplies high-quality insect based ingredients. By facilitating nature’s most formidable force, we will be part of the solution to the protein crisis. Protix employees are like ants, they are strong and collaboratively create formidable structures.

Website: www.protix.eu


TEBRIO, previously known as MealFood Europe, is an industrial Spanish company created on 2014, breeding and transforming tenebrio molitor insect products for their uses on animal nutrition, vegetal nutrition and other industrial and non industrial markets.

Website: www.tebrio.com


Website: www.tebrito.se



Ÿnsect is a French company working in the production of protein and natural insect fertilisers. Founded in 2011 in Paris, France, by both scientists and environmental activists, Next40 and B Corp-certified,  Ÿnsect processes insects into high-end, high-value ingredients for pets, fish, plants and humans. From its purpose-built state-of-the-art farms, it offers a long-term, sustainable, organic solution to accelerate protein and plant consumption. Ÿnsect uses pioneering proprietary technology covered by 341 patents across 41 categories, to produce lesser and yellow mealworms in fully automated vertical farms. Ÿnsect runs two production sites, one in Dole, France (commissioned 2016), one in the Netherlands (2017), and a third site, the world’s largest vertical farm, in Amiens in France, is currently under construction. The company, which employs 250 people, has raised around $ 425 million from major global investment funds, banks and public bodies and exports its products around the world.

Website: www.ynsect.com/en/

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