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Agronutris is a French biotech company dedicated to the development of the insect rearing industry as an answer to the feed challenges of tomorrow. Agronutris’ mission is to use insect bioconversion to feed and preserve the world.

Insects are able to turn by-products from the agro industry into valuable ingredients for the feed market, contributing in that way to the development of a circular economy. Engaged in a human-centered adventure, Agronutris develops a fair and sustainable agri-food industry. Its team, made up of experts in entomology and specialists in the agro business industry, is strongly engaged in order to provide high quality products for the aquaculture and pet food markets.

Website: www.agronutris.com

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Amusca enables companies worldwide to produce insect larvae locally using smart insect technology and services, so that they are able to produce high-quality animal nutrition, added-value products and biochemicals: clean, green and natural.

Amusca works with partners worldwide. Drawing on Amusca’s in-depth insect and product know-how, Amusca partners work side-by-side with customers to make the cutting-edge technology work to their advantage.

Website: www.amusca.com

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Danish Technological Institute

Danish Technological Institute has facilities for insect cultivation, and laboratories for characterization of substrate for insect production (biomass) and insect-based products (e.g. food and feed). Furthermore, the institute has experience with up-scaling of insect production to sub-industrial level.

Website: www.dti.dk


Ecofly is the first Austrian-based producer of sustainable insect protein. Since 2017, Ecofly is working on scalable and efficient technologies for the production and processing of black soldier fly larvae. The key motivation of the company is the integration of an insect-based protein recycling system into European agriculture. Ecofly is committed to sustainable food production and therefore considers that mimicking natural nutrient cycles by using insect farming is a powerful instrument for future agriculture.

Website: www.ecofly.at


Enterra produces high-quality insect ingredients for animal feed and pet food companies at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

Website: www.enterrafeed.com


Entogourmet farms Acheta domesticus crickets in a modern industrial facility using the latest technology and the best farming practices. We comply with the European standards for food health and safety and have a standardised growing process that we adhere to, resulting in a consistently high-quality product on an industrial scale. We are leading the way in creating a reliable source of crickets for food in Europe. Entogourmet is a wholesale provider for retail food producers and innovators, offering high quality pure powder and whole dehydrated crickets shipped quickly and always in supply. We can tailor our products to the specific needs of our clients. Our in-house lab provides continuous testing and insures only the highest quality. We are dedicated to promoting insects as the food of the future and hope that you will join us on our mission.

Website: www.entogourmet.com




Website: www.essento.ch


Hermetia Baruth GmbH

Hermetia Baruth GmbH is a German producer of high value protein, fat and fertilizer derived from the Black Soldier Fly (BSF). The production facility is located south of Berlin. Company was founded 2006 and had the first significant BSF colony in Europe. The research driven company aims to improve process efficiency and product quality.

Website: www.hermetia.de

Illucens GmbH

Illucens breeds the larvae of the Hermetia Illucens fly industrially – creating a rich valuable protein source for humans and animals – economically sound and environmentally friendly.

Website: www.illucens.com


InnovaFeed is a French biotech company that produces protein and oil from insect rearing (Hermetia illucens) for animal feed, more specifically for aquaculture. InnovaFeed’s mission is to participate in the rise of sustainable food systems by addressing the increasing demand for natural, healthy and competitive raw materials. Combining a large production capacity and state of the art research in biotechnology, InnovaFeed has developed innovative technologies and processes enabling the production of high-quality insect meal at industrial scale and at a competitive price.

Website: www.innovafeed.com

Insect Technology Group ( ITG )

The Insect Technology Group ( ITG ) is the holding company of AgriProtein, Circular Organics and MultiCycle . Three separate nutrient recycling businesses based upon a single insect bioconversion technology. The ITG companies use fly and larvae processes to break down various waste streams and produce powerful organic proteins and lipids for use in animal feeds as well as rich soil enhancers and natural polymers.

Website: www.insecttechnologygroup.com


Website: www.invers.fr


Invertapro upcycles organic waste to high-quality, sustainable protein. With experience in breeding insects since 2015, it is Norway’s leading insect company. Invertapro utilises locally available organic streams to produce feed primarily for the aquaculture industry. Invertapro also produce insects as food, as well as the insect-frass fertiliser Bløme.

Website: www.invertapro.com

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JIMINI’S produces two types of products, whole ready to eat insects and energy bars made with cricket flour. The range of whole insects counts three kind of insects: Grasshoppers, Mealworms and Crickets. JIMINI’S insects are raised in specialized farms in the Netherlands, thus ensuring the best possible standards of traceability and quality control. Grasshoppers, Crickets and Mealworms are dehydrated and then delicately processed and seasoned in JIMINI’S workshop near Paris to bring you tastes like no other! They are ready-to-eat, crispy, tasty and ideal to open up a meal!

Website: www.jiminis.co.uk

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Koppert Biological Systems

Koppert Biological Systems contributes to better health of people and the planet. In partnership with nature, we make agriculture healthier, safer and more productive. We provide an integrated system of specialist knowledge and natural, safe solutions that improves crop health, resilience and production.

Website: www.koppert.com

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MealFood Europe

MealFood Europe is one of the pioneering companies in industrial insect breeding in Europe. We work with our own technology, using the most novel techniques, which position us as one of the leading companies in the sector. Because of  our technology and know-how, we are able to ensure the safety in our products and commercialize the higher added value products on these markets. Our commercial products are: Insect protein: for Pet Food, Animal Feed and Human Food, MealFrass: organic fertilizers line and Chitin: for all types of industrial uses, agronomics, health market and so on.

Website: mealfoodeurope.com




Website: www.mutatec.com



Nasekomo is a Bulgarian company revolutionizing the human food chain by producing animal feeds from organic waste thanks to insect’s tremendous biological powers. We rear Black Soldier Fly to produce insect protein, oil and fertilizer for the feed and agriculture industries.

Website: www.nasekomo.life

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Nextalim SAS

Nextalim SAS develops industrial insect rearing processes to upgrade bio-waste and produce organic fertilizers and components. The company uses the larvae of Black Soldier Fly to be used in animal feed, oils, fertilizer, and proteins. Nextalim SAS was founded in 2013 and is based in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France.

Website: www.nextalim.com

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nextProtein has years of experience in breeding black soldier fly, which was selected especially for its beneficial, high-yield quality. Fly larvae are raised, harvested and then processed into valuable components of animal feed: an insect-based protein for aquaculture, livestock and pets, an extracted fat and a natural fertilizer for use in agriculture.

Website: www.nextprotein.co


Nutri’Earth is a French company who develops a range of food ingredients from edible insects for the prevention of some pathologies. These ingredients are available as flour. The company implements sustainable and innovative rearing methods to optimise the nutritional value of the insects. Nutri’Earth raised funds in 2019 to scale up its capacity of production and its Research & Development activities.

Website: www.nutriearth.fr


Probenda GmbH is founded in 2020. After a pilot phase, Probenda plans to produce high-quality protein, oil and fertilizer from the black soldier fly in the spring of 2021. In a fully automated vertical farming system near Darmstadt, Germany the flies will be bred, and their larvae will be processed.  With this innovative production system, they make a decisive contribution to sustainable and modern agriculture. Resource-saving, ecological and regional!

Website: www.probenda.de


Protifarm has been producing insects since 1978 and is based in The Netherlands. Their flagship product is the buffalo which is produced in a controlled and safe environment using sustainable technologies. Protifarm provides natural and premium ingredients (from the buffalo) for the food industry and we welcome everybody to join us promoting insects as a great and sustainable source of food!        

Website: www.protifarm.com


Located in southern France, Protifly upgrades agroindustrial byproducts using the black soldier fly. They are later processed into sustainable ingredients for animal feed manufacturers.

Website: www.protifly.com


Protix produces, processes and supplies high-quality insect based ingredients. By facilitating nature’s most formidable force, we will be part of the solution to the protein crisis. Protix employees are like ants, they are strong and collaboratively create formidable structures.

Website: www.protix.eu


Wendepunkt Für unsere Zukunft is a young German company, founded in 2020, which focuses on the sustainable and ecological production of valuable and high quality proteins and lipids for the feed industry. Constantly striving to get the best out of the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly and not to lose sight of the sustainable environmental aspect of the company.

Website: www.wendepunkt-fuz.com


Ÿnsect farms insects to make high-quality, premium natural ingredients for aquaculture and pet nutrition. With growing global demand for premium proteins, we produce ŸnMeal, a premium protein, as well as other quality insect ingredients such as ŸnOil and ŸnFrass fertilizer. Our mission is to be a leading global provider of sustainable, premium nutrition for all by tapping the natural goodness of insects at large scale.

Website: www.ynsect.com/en/