Strengthening the science-policy interface

IPIFF supports research on topics linked to its key policy priorities

While IPIFF is not directly engaged in research activities, its members are involved in a wide range of EU or national-funded projects.

How can IPIFF help research and innovation?

IPIFF informs

…its members regarding calls for projects and opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders in order to address key research gaps – such as those mentioned in the IPIFF brochure on the research priorities of the European insect sector.

IPIFF collaborates

…with policy-makers and a wide range of stakeholders in order to facilitate an efficient dialogue between the insect production sector and entities interested in insect farming. IPIFF is also the contact point of the European institutions on matters related to research on insects.


IPIFF assists

…consortia which aim at focusing their research project on the key regulatory priorities of the association. To this end, insect producers and/or research institutes may ask for a letter of support if they respect the following criteria (note: priority is given to IPIFF members).