IPIFF General Assembly Meeting 27 June 2024

IPIFF General Assembly Meeting 27 June 2024

On Thursday 27 June 2024, the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) held its first General Assembly meeting of the year. The IPIFF constituents elected Adriana Casillas, CEO of Spain-based Tebrio, as President for the second 3-year mandate in a row.

During the General Assembly meeting, Frank van Sluis (Protix) was re-elected as First Vice-President, Antoine Hubert (Ynsect) as Second Vice-President, and Heinrich Katz (Hermetia Baruth) as IPIFF Treasurer of the EU-wide umbrella organisation.

“I am thankful to the IPIFF Executive Committee, the IPIFF members and Secretariat for putting their trust in me for another term as President. Together, we have achieved quite a few milestones over the years on the path to making Europe’s agriculture more resilient and sustainable. A primary goal during the upcoming term will be to position insect farming not only as the fastest-growing sustainable protein production industry, but also as one that empowers farmers and nurtures regional development. Europe’s over-reliance on imported protein is an issue for businesses, farmers, and end-consumers, and our industry is a critical component of the solution to that,” said Adriana Casillas, IPIFF President.

The newly elected Board unveiled its roadmap for the next three years. Focused on four main pillars, the “IPIFF Association aims to create the conditions for the European insect industry to effectively contribute to the realisation of the strategic goals of the European Union towards sustainable and circular food and feed supply chains,” said Christophe Derrien, IPFIF Secretary-General.   

Further efforts are needed when it comes shaping regulations applying to insect products. The IPIFF Executive Committee acknowledged the need to advocate for the sector to be recognised as part of overarching EU policies, such as upcoming  EU Protein Strategy, EU agricultural Policy, as well as regional and industrial policies. Such recognition and associated funding mechanisms will be instrumental in unleashing the potential of the insect industry.

During the high-level meeting, Sophie Delplancke (Innovafeed), Christian Bärtsch (Essento), Daniel Murta (EntoGreen) and Sébastien Crépieux (Invers) were appointed to the Executive Committee to support the achievement of these goals.

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